Who is Leo?

“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”. This quote describes my life. I really love what I do.

I’m a Brazilian Software Engineer and I’m living with my family in the beautiful Wellington city in New Zealand.  I’m passionate by code and to me is a pleasure to work with technology helping people to solve their problems with solutions developed by me and my team.

When I was 19 I wrote my first HTML code on notepad and when I opened the file in a browser, my reaction was, “Wow, I want more!”. This feeling still me every day. The feeling was with me when I’ve started my first technical course and since then, I never stopped studying and always that possible, teach other people what I’ve learned.

Photography and music are my favorite hobbies. I love to capture the world in my point of view with my camera and express myself playing some instrument. Electric guitar and drums are my favorite ones.

I’m married to Carol. She’s and always gonna be my best friend and partner in the world. Carol and I have a beautiful daughter Lara.

That’s basically who am I.